Subject: Re: X on A2024
To: None <amiga-x@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Konrad Neuwirth <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 06/10/1995 17:57:35
Administrator of Ibiscus ( wrote:
: Hi !
: I am a new user under NetBSD, and of course I want X11. But I have an A2024
: monitor, and I don't know how to tell xserver (either XamigaMono or Xdaniver)
: to use the marvelous 1024x... screenmode. No doc for this setting.
: Any clue ?
: (I think it's a typical question, but not in a FAQ. Try to write better doc.)
: Thanks.
Tell it to use the 1024 by 1024 resolution (-x 1024 -y 1024), the
rest should happen automatically. 


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