Subject: Re: Advice - Cybervision card ?
To: David Crooke" , "amiga-x <amiga-x@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Markus Illenseer <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 04/07/1995 22:49:30
David Crooke wrote:
> Does anyone have any info on this? Has anyone got / seen / used /
> smelled one?

 Yes, in reverse order, last step yet to be achived :-)

> I heard by personal e-mail that someone was planning to do a NetBSD
> driver and X support for it - are they here?

 Would interest me, too, because I had to reject the project - too many
other things to do, and I thought it would be more honest do reject it
rather than working for months on it.  Have been in contact with Phase-5
and CyberGFX crew since long.

> Picasso        10       Z2     ?     ?     Y     299.00      495.00

  Picasso        10       Z2     32    Y     Y     299.00      495.00

> 5. "AGA emulation" (e.g. 256 colour Workbench) on A3000
 Thats no AGA, thats simply 8, 16 and 24Bit support for intuition.

> I'm not worried about EGS (could never afford the software anyway :)

 You can count the apps for it with one hand anyway - not worth the money.
(If that sounds harsh:  Yes, thats my honest opinion)

> The Piccolo is not a bad deal, but the Intuition support seems flaky:

 CyberGFX works fine for this card, too.

> 1. Is anything I've assumed above wrong?

 Quite ok, some misinformation cleard up by me hopefully.

> 2. Is there any problem with Z3 cards if you have the old "broken"
> Buster/DMAC? I'd assume there isn't since I can't imagine them using
> DMA, but I'd like to hear it from someone who knows for sure.

 Don't worry about that.

> 3. Is the speed difference between the Picasso and the Z3 cards really
> noticeable? If not, then there's little point in risking the devil you
> don't know and getting something else.

 It is noticable. Indeed!

Markus Illenseer