Subject: Re: sigh. Problems with Xamiga24...
To: Michael K. Sanders <>
From: Marco Musso <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 04/07/1995 09:28:30
On Thu, 6 Apr 1995, Michael K. Sanders wrote:

> Before I list the problems, I'd like to thank Markus for doing
> everything with Xamiga24 in the first place. :)

Well, This is undoubtely  a good thing ! :-)

> 1. Occasionally in text mode 2 (96x75), the screen will become
> corrupted. Something like a 20x20 block will be filled with solid
> shaded characters. Resetting with 'videomode -s 2' seems to correct
> it. Also, for some reason emacs doesn't seem to like the 96x75
> character display and updates the screen incorrectly.

I don't have videomode exe, could you send it to me ?

> 2. I'm also suffering mouse pointer problems. But instead of not being
> able to tell where it is in the y direction, I just don't get one. I
> changed grf_rh.c to return EINVAL for GRFIOCGSPRITEMAX to use the
> software cursor as a temporary fix..

What kind of patch shall I do for doing this with binpach ?

> Any ideas? I'd be happy to try to recompile the server if necessary,
> but on a cursory inspection I didn't see the source anywhere around.

I have still the same problemes with Xamiga24, let's see if this thread 
is going to be closed...

BTW: do you receive my messages in amiga-x ?


Marco Musso

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