Subject: sigh. Problems with Xamiga24...
To: None <amiga-x@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Michael K. Sanders <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 04/06/1995 23:12:42
Okay, I'm running Xamiga24-950305 with a Retina Z3/4MB on an Amiga
3000, rev3.1 A3640, and the -current snapshot as of Feb 22nd, with
mw's relevant patches applied.

Before I list the problems, I'd like to thank Markus for doing
everything with Xamiga24 in the first place. :)


1. Occasionally in text mode 2 (96x75), the screen will become
corrupted. Something like a 20x20 block will be filled with solid
shaded characters. Resetting with 'videomode -s 2' seems to correct
it. Also, for some reason emacs doesn't seem to like the 96x75
character display and updates the screen incorrectly.

2. I'm also suffering mouse pointer problems. But instead of not being
able to tell where it is in the y direction, I just don't get one. I
changed grf_rh.c to return EINVAL for GRFIOCGSPRITEMAX to use the
software cursor as a temporary fix..

3. When starting the server in 8-bit mode (-mode 6), there is an obnoxious
white border around the root screen.

4. In 16-bit mode (-mode 14) there is a stray cyan pixel in the upper
left corner of the root screen. It's actually probably not cyan at
all, because there's an even cuter problem: the red and blue values in
the color map seem to be transposed. 'xsetroot -solid red' yields a
*blue* background, -solid cyan yields *yellow*, etc.

5. Also in 16-bit mode (-mode 14), bringing up a sub-menu leaves a
ghost of the color of the sub-menus behind it, where it overlaps the
main menu. 

6. 24-bit mode (-mode 21) also suffers from the rgb<->bgr problem. In
addition, the default background (xsetroot) is blue instead of a
checkered gray. Even more serious a problem, the mouse pointer
(software) leaves a _large_ ghost everywhere.

Any ideas? I'd be happy to try to recompile the server if necessary,
but on a cursory inspection I didn't see the source anywhere around.

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