Subject: Re: Xdaniver server
To: None <>
From: Gary Henderson <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 03/21/1995 10:34:29
Hi Stuart,

>I've just downloaded "Xdaniver" (a colour ECS server in 4 bit planes)
>from regensburg, and tested it out on my machine..
>(setup: A3000, 12M ram, standard v1.0 of NetBSD)
>...and it works perfectly!  wow!  This is sooooo much better than the
>boring mono X screen.  And it seems reasonably fast, except for when
>scrolling text, but apparently that will be improved (?)  Congrats to
>Gary Henderson, you've done an excellent job.
Thanks for the support. Don't hold your breath waiting for the blitter
scrolling speed ups unless a blitter driver appears very soon in the
current kernel.

>.. (I can't imagine poking
>around with the ECS graphics modes and X internals as being easy..)
Luckly I didn't have to poke around with ECS graphics modes - the NetBSD
kernel does that for me (sets up the hardware registers at least anyway).

>> The server is completely untested on Amigas other than on an A1200 with a
>> 33Mhz 68030 fitted and 8Mb of RAM - I would be interested in hearing from
>> users of other machines about their successes (or failures!).
>Consider it tested.  And test is successful.
I've found a couple of bugs myself - one of which was confirmed by several
other people; so expect a bug fix release soon.

>Now my only problem is running out of colours.. :(
>At least I assume that is the problem.  This is what happens when starting
>up X (I'm using 'fvwm'):
>GoodStuff: can't alloc hilight
>GoodStuff: can't alloc shadow
>and then when I run some applications (in this case, a game called
>Warning: Cannot allocate colormap entry for "lavender"
>Warning: Cannot allocate colormap entry for "orange"
Try giving Xdaniver "-cc 2" on the command line. This will cause the server
to have a StaticColor visual as the default which will prefill the colormap
with a selection of 16 colours for a 4-bit deep display. Applications will
not be able to get the exact colour they were after but Xdaniver will
give them a colour that is closest to the one they wanted from the selection
of 16. Not ideal, but it stops the "Warning: Cannot allocate colormap ..."

>Oh well.. looks like time to look for a 24-bit graphics card.  (or even..
><ugh>.. buy a PC.  sigh.. why does computer hardware have to be so 
>expensive in Australia)
I think there's still life in the old Amiga yet - its go enough for my
current needs I will be for a year or two at least. I'm waiting for a
cheap supercomputer - that way I can save lots of money while I'm waiting.
>One last thing.. I'd just like to give my thanks to Hubert for doing an
>outstanding job on regensburg in keeping the whole NetBSD-Amiga area
>organised and up-to-date.  Even if it is slow in transferring, I prefer
>that and being able to find everything I need. (I hope I haven't
>offended any other site maintainers here.. :-/ ) 
Here, here !