Subject: Xdaniver server
To: None <NetBSD.ORG!>
From: Stuart Park <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 03/19/1995 11:34:20
I've just downloaded "Xdaniver" (a colour ECS server in 4 bit planes)
from regensburg, and tested it out on my machine..
(setup: A3000, 12M ram, standard v1.0 of NetBSD)
...and it works perfectly!  wow!  This is sooooo much better than the
boring mono X screen.  And it seems reasonably fast, except for when
scrolling text, but apparently that will be improved (?)  Congrats to
Gary Henderson, you've done an excellent job. (I can't imagine poking
around with the ECS graphics modes and X internals as being easy..)

> The server is completely untested on Amigas other than on an A1200 with a
> 33Mhz 68030 fitted and 8Mb of RAM - I would be interested in hearing from
> users of other machines about their successes (or failures!).

Consider it tested.  And test is successful.

Now my only problem is running out of colours.. :(
At least I assume that is the problem.  This is what happens when starting
up X (I'm using 'fvwm'):

GoodStuff: can't alloc hilight
GoodStuff: can't alloc shadow

and then when I run some applications (in this case, a game called

Warning: Cannot allocate colormap entry for "lavender"
Warning: Cannot allocate colormap entry for "orange"

Oh well.. looks like time to look for a 24-bit graphics card.  (or even..
<ugh>.. buy a PC.  sigh.. why does computer hardware have to be so 
expensive in Australia)

One last thing.. I'd just like to give my thanks to Hubert for doing an
outstanding job on regensburg in keeping the whole NetBSD-Amiga area
organised and up-to-date.  Even if it is slow in transferring, I prefer
that and being able to find everything I need. (I hope I haven't
offended any other site maintainers here.. :-/ ) 

Stuart Park                               E-Mail:
Melbourne, Australia