Subject: Re: Cirrus-3 problems
To: Aleksi Suhonen a.k.a Metalite <>
From: Stephen Champion <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 03/05/1995 20:41:07
> }-  some sort.  In case anyone wonders,  if I start Xcl, the screen changes 
> }-  to the familiar pattern background, but I never get the 'X' pointer and
> }-  the server appears to be frozen. Unfortunately, the only thing I can do
> }-  at that point is the old Ctrl-A-A.  (fsck really loves that!)
> Aren't you the least bit glad that that still works?   /; - )

	I like to use 'shutdown -h' instead of '-r', just for the 
opportunity :^)

	I'm wondering if there is no way to change the input focus of the 
keyboard.  I'm on a college campus, and can use another machine to rebot 
or kill things when x freezes, but I wonder about when I'm at home, and 
don't have the ethernet.
	If there was a way to redirect input focus, you would be able to 
send a ^C to the processes.  Another good thing would be to provide a way 
of switching between grf and ite modes - maybe even back to ite0.

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