Subject: Re: Xamiga24 vs. XamigaRetina
To: Stephen Champion <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 03/04/1995 18:02:51
> 	But, does XamigaRetina work on the RetinaZ3, if so, does it take 
> advantage of the blitter?

It was written for the RZ2, and since it's talking to the hardware directly
(remember, it loads a mondef file) I'd bet it does NOT work on the RZ3, too
many things have changed (if that wouldn't be the case, we had one driver
in the kernel for both boards, not too).

> 	Does Xamiga24 work on the RetinaZ2, if so, does it support 16 and 
> 24 bit modes on the Z2, as it does on the Z3?

Well, just to answer the question: "yes BUT...". The BUT before means:
- you don't WANT to use it on the Z2
- it would require the banked-dev-pager extension that I once wrote for the
  vm system
- however faking a banked framebuffer into a contigous framebuffer by help
  of the vm-system is just too f**g slow, really, believe me
- that's why I really MEAN my first point :-)

> 	Do they both use the grf interface?  If Xamiga24 does, how does 
> it handle the Cirrus boards?

Non-optimized, like a 'dumb' framebuffer. I could add the GRFIOCBLT support
back in though, that would at least boost windows copies and scrolling in
xterms. There is Xcl though, and I don't know whether that effort would be
justified because Xcl will handle the cirrus chip better than any kernel
support can.

> 	Visual types do each support?

8bit in 256-slot colortable mode, and 16/24bit in true-color mode.

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