Subject: patch failed
To: Mailing List <amiga-x@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Marco Musso <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 03/03/1995 10:01:22
The Famous X Problem (first but not last) report !

!Well, now I think that X won't ever came up on  my  Nec  3FG  (anyone
thinking  that  I  am  an  optimist ? :-). Neither mine attempts or my
friend's ones gave the espected results.

First, the use of binpatch is a little bit strange:

[0]8.Work:NetBSD> binpatch

        binpatch - Allows the patching of BSD binaries
        binpatch [-HELP]
        binpatch [-b|-w|-l] -s symbol[[[index]][=value]] binary 
        binpatch [-b|-w|-l] [-o offset] -s symbol [-r value] binary
        binpatch [-b|-w|-l] [-o offset] -a address [-r value] binary
[0]8.Work:NetBSD> binpatch -s _rh_default_gfx -r 1 netbsd.pat 
_rh_default_gfx(0xb4e84): 4 (0x4)
[0]8.Work:NetBSD> binpatch -s _rh_default_gfx -r 1 netbsd.pat 
_rh_default_gfx(0xb4e84): 4 (0x4)

[a second issue of the command return the same value, why ?]

[0]8.Work:NetBSD> binpatch -s _rh_default_mon -r 1 netbsd.pat 
_rh_default_mon(0xb4e80): 0 (0x0)
[0]8.Work:NetBSD> binpatch -s _rh_default_mon -r 1 netbsd.pat 
_rh_default_mon(0xb4e80): 0 (0x0)

BTW: shall I use one of those switches : -b -w -l ???
(maybe the default -l option is not right ?)

Second, even with "xinit -- -mode 23" nothing changes.

This has been tried also on the NetBSD installation of Diego  Cortassa
( with the same results.

I read a long time ago (a few months) in comp.unix.amiga that  another
NetBSD user has the same problems (sorry no other info on him).

Well, I think that we (NetBSD Amiga  _users_)  need  a  more  flexible
handling  of  X  resolutions  (and  related parameters) , maybe with a
Xconfig file like Linux (with a more "human" default :-).

Maybe you could answer also to this question (not X related, sorry):
Why this fstab entry doesn't mount the ados partitions ?

/dev/sd1a       /               ufs     rw      1       1
/dev/sd1d       /mnt/wb         ados    ro      0       2
/dev/sd1e       /mnt/work       ados    ro      0       2
/dev/sd1f       /usr            ufs     rw      1       2
/dev/sd0d       /mnt/transito   ados    ro      0       2
/dev/sd0e       /mnt/temp       ados    ro      0       2
/dev/fd0a       /mnt/df0        ados    ro      0       2

mount_ados says that "ro" is an unknown option...

(sad) Bye...

PS: other (maybe) useful information: Xamiga24, 1441792 bytes

Marco Musso

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