Subject: Re: problems with Xamiga24
To: Marco Musso <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 03/01/1995 21:56:55
> Although Xamiga works fine on the AGA chipset (b&w), when I use

Grin, that was kind of a waste product, but I thought I'd leave it in, since
it works so nicely ;-)

> Xamiga24 I get a garbled X screen very large... and when the pointer
> reach the left side of the screen it goes to the 2080 monitor that I have
> linked to the video port of the A4K.

The screen shouldn't be garbled (if I recall right, Chris Hopps changed the
defaults for both text and graphics so that they should work on even the 
cheapest monitors). If you nevertheless want to try different modes, either
apply my patches as explained here before, or patch the variable 
"_rh_default_gfx" instead of "_retina_default_.." which is for Retina Z2.

Sidenote for Xamiga24 users: I'm investigating into the problem with shape
extension not working correctly (run xeyes and see, thanks for the 
information!). As an intermediate fix, if you MUST use such programs, and 
are willing to pay a price in performance, run the server with the undocumented
"-noGX" option. Thus, an example startup could look like "xinit -- -noGX".

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