Subject: Re: Several minor problems
To: None <>
From: H}kan Th|rngren <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 02/28/1995 08:39:18
> > I have a A3000, Retina-Z3 and NetBSD 1.0 with a slightly updated 1.0
> > kernel that is very close to GENERIC.  (It has the recommended patch
> > for Xamiga24 from and a patch for /dev/audio)
> But it's essentially an 1.0 kernel or more like a current kernel?

It's essentially 1.0.

> > I compiled xanim without any problems, but when I try to run it, it opens
> > a window, says something about using shared memory and then Xamiga24
> > core dumps.  Has anyone else tried xanim?
> I tried it... as long as it's not using shared memory, it works fine, no
> sour aftertaste. But *IFF* I use shared mem (-B), xanim seems to work fine,
> and some time after it exits, the whole system feezes, and on reboot, all
> the superblocks of all at that time mounted filesystems are trashed! fsck
> -b 32 fixes them fine, but I still thought that this is not really the way
> things were thought to be... Note: I'm not really running a current "current",
> could be that this problem has been fixed in the meantime.

Hmm, and I got an immediate core dump.  Sounds to me that I should stay away
from xanim for some time.. :-)
BTW, I tried mpeg_player as Markus Illenseer suggested and it seems to work
fine.  Well, it is *slow*, one frame every two seconds or so with a tiny tiny
little window.
I beleive AmigaDOS/68000 running full screen juggler is far more stunning... :)
Well, anyway, I am not complaining, I just expected close to full motion 
video, at least on very small windows.
I am not complaining, I just want is a companion when running Chimera and
it will do for now.
(I did compile it with -O2).

About these www browsers, I built Chimera yesterday and had a very short
test run with it.  It looks *very* good and stable.

> Tried this, and have to confirm it.. hm.. looks like debugging session is
> coming at me... grr :-)

Sorry about that... 

> Sounds pretty unlikely that they put ufs on a CD? Did they really??

Yes they did.


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