Subject: Re: Why can I only run X11R6 as 'root'?
To: Ralph Seichter <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 02/26/1995 00:05:02
> Subject says it, why is it that I can only start X11R6 (the Amiga binaries
> package) when I do "su root"? With every other user ID, I there's a pause
> of some seconds and then I get the message "can't connect to server" and/
> or "broken pipe". LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set, so maybe I some file permissions
> aren't set properly?

Check that: ls -l /dev/{grf[0-2],mouse[01],kbd} shows crw-rw-rw permissions
for all files.

> I tried both "startx" and "xinit -- ./Xamiga24 -mode 4" from /usr/X11/bin,
> but the results are the same. I checked the X-FAQ, but I didn't find an
> obvious solution. Can you help me?

To find out what is going on in such cases, there are two good ideas:
1/ redirect stderr and stdout to a file:
   xinit -- ./Xamiga24 -mode 4 >logfile 2>&1
2/ if that doesn't help you yet, run the server with tracing enabled:
   ktrace -i xinit -- ./Xamiga24 -mode 4
   (-i also traces children)
   then look at the output of kdump

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