Subject: Re: Sources for XamigaECS16?
To: Andrew Cherry <>
From: Andy Heffernan <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 02/13/1995 21:27:41
> Does anyone have or know where I can get the sources for
> XamigaECS16?  I've tried merging the XbsdCC sources from 
> (X11R5-mit.tar.gz) with my R5 tree,
> but have not had any success building the server.  It seems
> that it is missing an include file "bp.h".  Are there perhaps
> more recent sources available?

I have uploaded the file to X11R5.patches-25Oct94.tar.gz to  This file obsoletes the file
X11R5.patches-19Jun94.tar.gz already there, and includes the ECS color
source absorbed from the XbsdCC code.  The 4-color server isn't a
supported target, but could be without too much trouble.