Subject: Re: X on a Retina-Z3
To: Andreas Johansson <>
From: Jim Alexander <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 02/01/1995 17:38:19
Andreas Johansson writes:
> Well, actually the rh_default_gfx is only used if you haven't started the
> X-server with option '-mode num', in case mode num is used (num refers to
> the screnmode number in the monitordefinitionstructure in grf_rh.c). I'm
> not sure if this works with your kernel, there are some diffs available
> to make this work, don't know if they are incorporated in the -current tree
> yet, either.

The '-mode num' option to the X server doesn't do anything on my
machine and I presume it's because I don't run -current - I'm
using the 1.0 kernel sources.  I would be very interested in
a pointer to 1.0 diffs for Retina Z3 relevant changes.  If these
changes are in -current, maybe I should use that instead since
there's apparently a 1.0 bug that causes gdb to lock up the machine
which I've definitely been bitten by.

To users/developers of -current kernel sources - have there been any
changes since 1.0 that will force me to recompile binaries other
than the kernel?  I've only got kernel sources.


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