Subject: Re: New X11R6 archives?
To: None <>
From: Bernd Ernesti <erbe0011@FH-Karlsruhe.DE>
List: amiga-x
Date: 01/10/1995 12:49:45
Adrian V. Beech writes:

>Anyone happen to know what is the diference between the X11R6.06Oct94-*
>and the X11R6.04Jan95-* archives are?

>From the second readme of this files:

Changes for this set of binaries:
- bugfix for the fonts (there was a problem with double byte fonts)
- xman, see above
- xterm: utmp wasn't read, so w doesn't work
- makedepend: bugfix
- cleanup in the patchfile

The bug that you need the MANPATH for the xman programm is fixed but you
still need to edit /etc/man.conf when you don't have an link from /usr/X11R6
to /usr/local/X11R6 (You can't use normal man Xprogramm when you don't have