Subject: Re: netbsd_x24 on
To: None <>
From: Hartmut Kuehn <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 01/06/1995 16:33:45
Hi !

> > I put some files named netbsd_x24.* on
> >
> > The tar archive includes a NetBSD 1.0 kernel
> > with the changes for Xamiga24 in grf_rh.c
> Hope you also included the fix to grf.c and grfioctl.h. Without the grf.c
> fix, your kernel is going to die horribly if you ever try to change
> videmodes with the -mode switch to Xamiga24...

Hmmm sounds really drastic, I had no problems with my kernel,
just the switching doesn't work. I use true color for 2 days
now, no kernel panic or whatever just -mode results in nothing
at all.

Of course I looked over grf.c and grfioctl.h.

grfioctl.h had just one difference, in the very last line, the
ioctl was defined as IO_W I think instead of IO_R.
I compiled two kernels, no difference, either with W or R.

And grf_rh.c didn't complain about anything in the 1.0 version
of grf.c, so I didn't change it.

I said in the README file, someone else has to find out, why
the mode switching doesn't work, let's see, if I'll be the one :-)

Thanks for the hint so far, I'll check grf.c to see where
the important changes are and will soon make a new package.



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