Subject: Probs On Retina
To: amiga x11 <>
From: Alessandro Soldo <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 12/09/1994 21:22:30
I'm using NetBSD for the Amiga. I installed X11R6. When I start
xwindows using Xamiga everthing works fine. (XWindows opens on the
Amiga Side). When I'm using Xamiga24 or XamigaR6 XWindows opens on
the Retina and somehow on the Amigaside. The XTerm that pops up is seen
on the Retina. When I move the Pointer to the right it suddenly appears
on the left side of the amiga side. On the amigaside then everything is fine.
I can move the pointer all over. On the retina side the pointer jumps between
two positions vertically but can be moved fine horizontally. But when i
select the X-Windows Menu the Highlighted Bar moves correctly and I can 
select correctly. But no Pointer is displayed.

Hoping for some helpful hints ...

Alessandro Soldo