Subject: Xman trouble although MANPATH is set
To: None <>
From: Ralph Seichter <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 12/08/1994 11:44:38
Although I included the line

  setenv MANPATH /usr/shar/man:/usr/local/man:/usr/X11/man

in my '.cshrc' file, Xman shows nothing but one single entry in the man
Sections menu: tcsh. It seems like tcsh.1 is the only file in a man1
subdirectory and that Xman doesn't care about catN directories. Sorry if
this sounds strange, I'm an UNIX operator newbie and I don't know how the
man pages are organized. I guess there is a way to configure Xman so that
it checks catN directories aswell, but reading the Xman man page didn't
enlighten me too much. I've also consulted two FAQ-Lists, but I did not
see an obvious solution.

I'd be glad for any hints. Thank you!

	MfG,	Ralph
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