Subject: new spectrum-kernel :-(
To: None <>
From: Markus Kurek <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 11/18/1994 21:07:49

I have downloaded the new kernel for my Spectrum-card. I have installed all
like stated in the readme-file. I have also compiled my own kernel with
success :-)) 
And it works  :-)  

But one really ugly bug is still there....everytime I want to quit
my X-Session I get kernel panics.  It is a bus error :-(( 
The same appears if I try to execute the toggle command.
The first time I invoke toggle nothing happens...but at the second time
 bus error !!!

I'm NOT a kernel I don't know how I should provide more 
informations to Markus :-(

Perhaps You tell me what I shall do in the kerneldebugger so I can 
give you MORE informations...

My config  A4000/40 + EGS Spectrum in Zorro3 +  NetBSD 1.0