Subject: Which graphics card?
To: None <amiga-x@NetBSD.ORG>
From: None <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 11/06/1994 12:31:04

I've recently installed NetBSD and X11R6 on my 8M A3000, I'm initially
quite impressed by the system (great job, guys)  tho' I now realise how lucky
I was using Sparc10s during my summer job ;-)  With only the ECS to use,
I am, of course, limited to running my X-apps in mono :-(  (not strictly true,
I have a hardwired 19200baud terminal server connection in my room and I can use
other X-terminals on campus to access my Amiga, via term) the good news is that
I`ve managed to lay my hands on a 16" .26dp Sun monitor, so:

Which graphics card should I buy for it?  I would obviously like to use the card
under both NetBSD and AmigaDOS, the monitor I have is quite acceptable at
1152x900 NI, so a card that supported that mode in at least 256 cols would be
perferable.  The cards I initially considered were the Picollo, or Picasso,
or some noname ISA Cirrus Logic card with a Golden Gate II (is support for this
last option lightly to turn up?) or, should I wait for one of the 64bit CL cards
to appear (eg a UU Edge) and if I do, how difficult is it lightly to be to
modify the existing CL driver for this card?  If I went for a Picollo/Picasso
now, would the CL driver need tinkering with to work with my monitor (69 / 79
kHz, 60 - 70 Hz)?

Any help would be appreciated.