Subject: screenmodes in Xamiga24
To: None <>
From: Bo Najdrovsky <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 11/03/1994 11:39:20
greetings folks!

Last night I installed X11R6 on my NetBSD A3000, and using the 
netbsd.spect kernel and the Xamiga24 got it going on my Spectrum28/24 
graphics card.  Unfortunately, some of the modes either overclock my
monitor (the top of the screen is skewed) or they just plain don't work.
(mode 4 should be almost standard VGA... I really don't get that one)
By not working, I mean the display is all messed up as if the monitor
just couldn't sync to it or something. 

Is there a way for me to define my own screen resolution/frequencies
to use with the server?  Under the EGS environment, I've defined some
screens of my own that 'max out' the Diamondscan monitor, so I could
probably use the values from EGS screen adjust to define the screen
mode for X11, if this is possible.


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