Subject: early binary of retina-Z3 X11R6 available
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 09/19/1994 00:14:15
I uploaded XamigaR6.gz into 
Those with 1.0 kernels, beware this is a 0.9-binary, so it's time to
test your 0.9-compatibilty code that you all have hopefully
The server should work on grf0 (CC mono), grf1 (retina Z2, but ONLY
if you have enabled the BANKED_DEVPAGER conditionals in the kernel),
grf2 (some direct blitter calls, for now only covers in-framebuffer
copy-operations). The following non-standard options are supported:
-noGX   no blitter support for grf2
-mode X after going into gfx-mode, set video-mode X. I think this
        requires slight changes to grf.c to work. If it doesn't on
        your kernel, patch _retina_default_gfx resp.
        _retinaz3_default_gfx to the desired mode (get available
        modes with "videomode -a")

The server doesn't include PEX support, it's already > 1M without

I uploaded the binary because some people wanted to give it a try,
well, tell me about any problams you might have if you do (unless
they're just 1.0-related:-)).


PS: source will follow at a later stage.

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