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Subject: Re: X11 tar bins available?
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> the recent ftp'd X11 server doesn't appear to work on my kernel.  It brings
> up the thatch pattern but then just sits there. I do have a retina however
> there is no monitor for it.  Do I need to do something to alert it to this 
> fact?

It sounds like the server is running on the Retina, but you can't see it.
If you aren't able to navigate the cursor into the xterm and type ^D,
you can zap it out of existence with CTRL-ALT-Backspace.

If you want to run mono, run the server with the -mono option
("xinit -- -mono").  The -mono switch should be mentioned in the man
page.  I put a mono-only server on earlier today,
so you can try that.

It's a bit confusing that it has this behavior, but it's fallout from
starting from the Xsun code, I guess.