Subject: X, Console, & ttys
To: None <>
From: Rudolf Neuhaus <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 06/15/1994 00:30:25
Hi again,

I didn't say too much for some time ;) But now I want to ask about something
that really is annoying.

I have problems starting an xterm with -C as non root. That means,
I cannot see console output while running X. It does not seem to be a
permissions problem (?).
I can stand that, but my xterms do not create entrys in utmp or wtmp
(I don't know which one it is supposed to use). That means that when I
run X noone can 'talk' me. Is this a thing easy to fix?
When logging in over the net I get a normal pseudo tty. Everything works
fine then...

Again, I want to thank all you devellopers for NetBSD. It runs 24h/day
as a 'server' in the net for our students flat with inn, sendmail and
everything. It really is stable. Great thing!