Subject: Re: Problems compiling libX*
To: Markus Illenseer <>
From: Bill Squier <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 05/05/1994 00:35:28
In message <>, Markus Illenseer writes:
> BTW, X11R6 requires 109MB for the complete sources alone, not to speak
>of the object-files, libraries and binaries to be created then. But it looks
>like the fonts are still the same and thus no need to create them (eats
>way too much in my eyes to create them).

R6 added a Type 1 font rendering engine, you'll need to at least
include the Type1 fonts. (hardly any)

> Who has space/time and is willing to compile R6 on NetBSD-Amiga?

--whine bitch moan mode on--

IMHO, X11R6 is a pretty big let down (when compared with the amazing
amount of hype the X consortium was giving it).  (Compiled and installed on our
Sparcs at school yesterday).

	o LBX (Low Bandwidth X) is incomplete

	o They broke Sun's KP_* (admittedly _wrong_) keysym functionality,
and didn't fix Xterm to use the _right_ method...  So now your arrow
keys won't work... :)

	o Fresco (the C++ Class Wrappers for X) will not compile under

	o Display Postscript is... you guessed it... incomplete.

I can't remember the rest, but there were a few more major let downs.
I'm of the school of thought that doesn't much care if things are late
in order to include the promised features.  Basically, it's X11R5 with
a Type 1 font engine, and the XIE, and it took over 3 hours to compile
on our 4-processor 670MP :(

--whine bitch moan mode off--

In any case, I'd probably still install it on NetBSD if someone wants
to build it :) :)