Subject: Re: Blitting: a prototype
To: Phil Mucci <>
From: Eduardo E. Horvath <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 03/30/1994 16:39:51
On Mon, 28 Mar 1994, Phil Mucci wrote:

> 	Ed, the prototype looks good for now. What about applying stipple
> patterns to line's with the blitter? I'm pretty sure you can give the
> blitter a word or two that will specify the pattern to draw with. But
> hey, I could be wrong. 

Good point!  Thanks for pointing that out.  The line draw mode should be 
enabled by the bit in the op field.  It should look like the following:

#define GRRIOCLINE	_IOR('G', 58, struct grf_bitblt) /* Draw a line */
/* Use	:
 * drawable1	=	stipple pattern (only low 16 bits)
 * drawable2	=	dest pixmap (0 is screen)
 * op 		= rendering mode (see above) (also sets line draw/fill mode)

> 	So this stuff is going into the grf device? What is the
> bare minimum grf stuff needed for these ECS servers? I'd like to start
> porting this stuff to Linux...

Actually, it will be going into the view device.  And since the grf devce 
merely forwards all its stuff to the view device....  

The most important is a mmap()able frame buffer.  The rest is gravy.  

Eduardo Horvath
	"Trust me, I am cognizant of what I am doing." - Hammeroid