Subject: Re: Various ECS X-servers
To: John Shardlow <>
From: Eduardo E. Horvath <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 03/27/1994 10:05:08
On Sat, 26 Mar 1994, John Shardlow wrote:

> Last night I tried out a bunch of X-servers. I was using a 720 kernel to
> start with but had no luck with this so I rebooted with a 744 kernel.

> Xamiga didn't work to start with but I ktrace'd it and discovered the
> problem. I checked back through the mailing list and found how to 
> created the /dev/view nodes. Xamiga then failed with:
> Operation not supported by device.

I don't think that either the 720 nor the 744 kernel have views 
installed.  You will either need to build your own, or upgrade to 
-current to get Xamiga to work.

Eduardo Horvath
	"Trust me, I am cognizant of what I am doing." - Hammeroid