Subject: Re: Blitting
To: None <>
From: Phil Mucci <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 03/24/1994 11:32:56
	Hi all,

	I thought I'd add some input here. BTW, I'm
looking at this from a Linux compatability point of view.

	What's the deal with /dev/grf? I downloaded the 
views package and it seems most of them are just stubs
to the grf code. I thought someone said that /dev/grf is

	Anyways, about blitting and such. I'd like to
see ioctls on the view device for all accelerated graphics
functions. We will regret not putting them in there once 'true'
accelerators come out for the amiga. (like the S3 chipset)
Right now, most of the boards use the Cirrus chip, which 
(correct me if I'm wrong) only  have blitter logic. - no line 
drawing - no arcs - no fast fill - none of the good stuff.
Why couldn't we write an interrupt driven queueing blitter
driver? I know the amiga has the capability to generate a 
'blitter done' interrupt. This would really make the machine
fly - especially when running X. All operations should
support a stipple pattern and off screen blits. A font
ioctl could be supported as well - it would use an off-screen
font cache.

	In the X server at the ddx layer, the calls could
try the /dev/view ioctls and if there is an ENOSUP or something
it would do the regular 'cfb' routines.

	I would love to help out with this stuff. 

	How does one allocate memory in the NETBSD kernel?
How about Linux? 

	Lastly, is there a latest version of the views device
(that doesn't use grf) on the net somewhere? IF not, where are
the latest NEtBSD kernel sources?