Subject: Re: New X servers for ECS systems
To: None <>
From: Philippe BRAND <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 03/22/1994 09:47:24 writes:

> > I've called MacroSystemes and I've here specs. It is Linear adressing.
> > Most beautiful story of the day is that you don't have to upgrade your
> > buster, it'll work with ZorroIII directly even on an old A3000 like mine.
> > 
> 	Will an Xretina that works under NetBSD-current and the ZorroII
> 	version of the board ever be released? Or will we have to buy
> 	the ZorroIII board in order to uses a Retina based product with
> 	NetBSD-current? Sorry if you are the wrong Frenchman to talk to
> 	about this, I get you 3 confused...

I'll ask my friend Olivier Lahaye, who's done the Retina port, to look at it.
Because he's just upgraded his card, I'll ask him to release sources so
that someone else will be able to modify it.

Same as for the colour ECS versions. Sources will be available.

Philippe BRAND RAMSES BBS Co-Sysop 2:320/104.21