Subject: Re: New X servers for ECS systems
From: Howard Dobson <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 03/21/1994 23:12:02
> On Mar 21,  3:33pm, Philippe BRAND wrote:
> > Chris Hopps writes:
> ...
> > > The 4 color verion is slower than the 16 color version.  The 4 color
> > > version thinks one of its planes is 320 wide so the graphics are all
> > > messed up.  Both version seem to have 640x566 *hardwired* as the size.

I got around the hardwired size by running beav (a binary editor) searching
for 566 (0x00000236) and changing the first occurance to something which
would display on by system. The vertical resolution can then be found a few
words earlier in the binary. This works for both servers.

> > 
> > Olivier told me he's perhaps inverted names, so 4 colours is perhaps 16
> > colours version. SOrry ;-)
>   I think the names are correct.  Xbsdcc2 is 2 bit planes, and xbsdcc4 is
> 4 planes.  I'm seeing the same results as Chris on xbsdcc4.  I don't know
> about the speed difference though - xbsdcc4 just locked up on my system
> (68040 PPI board).

The names are definitely inverted. I am currently running Xbsdcc2 and 
have more than 4 colors. Xbsdcc4 only gave 4 colors.

The 16 color server definitely has some sort of problems.
It looks like the server is reporting the wrong width of windows and x 
coordinate to the window manager. In the case of twm when you go to 
move a window, the wire frame shows up as half the width of the 
actual window shifted half way towards the left edge of the screen. 
fvwm exhibits similar behavior, only uglier since parts of the window
frames are drawn in the wrong place. 

but it is definitely nice to see a little color on the screen,
thanks for the great work.