Subject: Re: New X servers for ECS systems
To: NetBSD Liste <>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 03/21/1994 20:22:38
On Mar 21,  3:33pm, Philippe BRAND wrote:
> Chris Hopps writes:
> > The 4 color verion is slower than the 16 color version.  The 4 color
> > version thinks one of its planes is 320 wide so the graphics are all
> > messed up.  Both version seem to have 640x566 *hardwired* as the size.
> > I have a 2024 and it doens't do vertical overscan *at all* So anything
> > decides to display in that overscanned area and my screen goes blank.
> Olivier told me he's perhaps inverted names, so 4 colours is perhaps 16
> colours version. SOrry ;-)

  I think the names are correct.  Xbsdcc2 is 2 bit planes, and xbsdcc4 is
4 planes.  I'm seeing the same results as Chris on xbsdcc4.  I don't know
about the speed difference though - xbsdcc4 just locked up on my system
(68040 PPI board).

> > Other than that I ma glad a color version is being worked on :^)
> > 2024 owners don't bother fetching these new X servers they won't work.

  Yes, it's nice to see colors on my display now, even if it's slow.


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