Subject: Re: New X servers for ECS systems
To: Philippe BRAND <>
From: Chris Hopps <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 03/21/1994 12:00:01
> > Other than that I ma glad a color version is being worked on :^)
> > 2024 owners don't bother fetching these new X servers they won't work.
> They're dedicated ECS, not A2024 (I also have one).

Yah but /dev/view makes this transparent.  Once you are using
/dev/view ECS doesn't mean anything.  The interface to /dev/view is
bitmap oriented not hardware.  If you ask /dev/view for 640x400 you'll
get a 640x400 bitmap.  If you ask /dev/view for 1024x800 (or 1024x102)
and the person has a 2024 /dev/view returns a 1024x800 bitmap.  The
software using /dev/view actually has no idea what hardware mode its
actually getting.  I heard that retina 3 (or whatever) will be
linearly addressed , thats really cool it will be very easy to add it
to /dev/view then.  I may need to have dev/view be able to handle
either chunky or planar pixels (inform software of the type basically)
but beyond that it will be easy.

> Philippe BRAND