Subject: Re: Change Colors for A2024
To: None <>
From: Chris Hopps <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 03/18/1994 23:43:10
> Hi,
> I just learned that i can change the colors on my A2024 from
> white chars on black ground to black chars on white ground.
> I had to revert the apperance of the following words with binpatch:
>  _a2024_color_value_line0 : 	"01"

No no no.  Don't change these. these values are internal use only in
converting your choice of colors to the correct custom chip color
registers.  The array you are looking for is

u_short cc_a2024_default_colors[4] = {
        0x2,                    /* LGREY */
        0x0,                    /* BLACK */
        0x3,                    /* WHITE */
        0x1                     /* DGREY */

If you want white on black change the first 2 values to 0, 3, respectively.
The A2024 supports 4 intensities, So the color selection I did for it
was 0-3.  iteconfig "knows" about this (through /dev/view) and only
allows using 0 - 3 when requesting colors.  The source to iteconfig is
located in amiga/stand/iteconfig/

> Carsten