Subject: Re: XRetina Difficulties. Please help.
To: None <>
From: olivier lahaye <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 03/16/1994 21:14:28
>> I know the Retina server tries to access /dev/grf1, which I dont have.
>> Does anyone know where I can  get it?  Or is there some other problem
>> I am not aware of.  I have read through the various FAQs and they
>> don't help with this.

> My X-FAQ states that you are missing grf1 and should read the other
> FAQ's to obtain the major and minor inode for this device as it IS
> in the kernel. I guess i should update the FAQ and write the
> mkdev-stuff there, too.

Can you tell me where Xretina tries to opn /dev/grf1 ?????
Did I made a so big error ???

I look this night to see what driver I'm using ?