Subject: Xami_rev0 server won't work
To: None <>
From: John Shardlow <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 03/02/1994 23:33:42
Hi NetBSD Amiga X people!

This is my first mail to this list although I have been reading
for some time now.

I have just installed the Xami_rev0 archive on my system. I have
a pretty stable NetBSD system on an A3000 using 720 kernel and
root fs.

I cannot start the Xserver as it complains of a broken pipe and the

trapsignal ( 317, 11, 562695176, 218a0c08, 1402e )

appears on the console.

I have also tried the Xamiga server from the incoming directory 
on but this also doesn't work for me. It complains
that it cannot find RGB_DB even though I have put a link in
so that it should find it.

Can anyone help me ?

BTW, the xterm client program under /usr/X11R5/Amiga/bin works 
fine as I have used this to X-serve an xterm from the A3000 (NetBSD)
to my A1200 which is running the DaggeX server on AmigaOS and
AmiTCP !!!

Any help much appreciated,


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