Subject: Re: NFS anybody? Not with -current and Hydra!
To: David Jones <>
From: Rob Healey <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 07/31/1995 20:16:24
> > you wrote in <95Jul30.182102edt.28(3)>:
> > > Any last words before I test, then send-pr the following?
> > 
> > I think the problem is the Hydra driver. So you should fix it and
> > not fiddle arround with "param.h".
> The Hydra driver is an exact (more or less) copy of the ISA wd8003 driver.
> It expects to be able to get an entire packet in one mbuf.  "Fixing"
> this is non-trivial.
	Other ports use the 2K default for performance reasons, i.e.
	ethernet packets fit in one mbuf and you avoid the performance
	loss of mbuf chains. It might not be much of a difference but I
	don't have enough time free to take measurements.

	I did up it to 2K once and rebuild EVERYTHING. There was a little
	improvement in NFS but not enough for me to retain the change when
	param.h was altered later.

	NFS performance is a biggy for me since I have a 70Mhz SPARCstation
	5 that pounds the snot out of a poor 25Mhz A3000 when NFS is used
	heavily. For those who are wondering, the drives for the A3000 were
	ALOT cheaper than getting internals for an SS5.

	By the way, anybody know if anybody is going to provide a working
	lockd and statd for NetBSD? I know of quite a few sites that would
	ditch StunOS 4.x in a second for NetBSD if they could have NFS