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Re: No module in netbsd-10 on HAVE_XORG_SERVER_VER=110 ports?

On Sun, 2024-01-28 15:56:52 +1100, matthew green <> wrote:
> odd.  i plan to switch netwinder and alpha to xorg 1.20 btw,
> and i believe vax can also switch.  AFAICT, sgimips is the
> only port with actual users that need xorg 1.10 -- we'll
> lose alpha turbochannel fb support, but i have not been able
> to find anyone using it, and the rest seem to work.  so, vax

As of turbochannel... VAX can have that as well. I actually happen to
have a turbochannel bus adapter, that could be equipped with some
regular TC graphics board, though I haven't (yet?) ever tried to get
that to work. Would we loose that as well?



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