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Re: Where does 8.0/amd64's X server get resolution from?

>> With that xorg.conf, it runs 1280x1024 if the monitor is connected
>> at X server startup time even if it wasn't at boot time.
>> Unfortunately it still does not make it run 1280x1024 if the monitor
>> is not connected at X server startup time.

Incidentally, I have discovered that I can, with xrandr, get the end
result I want, though for at least three reasons it would be
significant inconvenience to use RandR for this[%].  It looks as though
I may have to, though, since I have been unable to find a way to make
it do what I want on startup - apparently, between KMS and X, software
has been "improved" to the point where it can't do what used to be easy
(driving a specific resolution regardless of what is or isn't, or was
or wasn't, connected).  It's great to be able to detect what's there
and potentially auto-adjust.  It's..a be unable to do
otherwise.  We've already had multiple reports from the field of issues
due to monitor cables that don't connect the EDID/DDC pins and thus the
software always acting as though nothing is conencted.  The DOS version
handled this fine, just driving what the application told it to; fixing
that functionality regression is what I'm trying to do here.

[%] (1) The API is incompletely documented, and the parts that are
    documented are documented badly; (2) there's no really good place
    to add the code in the application; (3) different video hardware
    uses different enough naming conventions for outputs that I have no
    good way to tell which output(s) to use.

> Then we must go into uncharted area, I think - there is a couple of
> options that might help us:

> In section "Monitor":

> Option "IgnoreEDID" "true" - probably it leads to two more options
>                              then, according to expected parameters:

[    62.578] (WW) intel(0): Option "IgnoreEDID" is not used

> Option "NoDDC" "true"

[   228.529] (WW) intel(0): Option "NoDDC" is not used

Looking at intel(4), I see no NoDDC option, but I do see a boolean DDC
option.  But, setting that to "false", I get

[   340.141] (WW) intel(0): Option "DDC" is not used

None of these tests led to a 1280x1024 startup with no monitor
connected; they all started at 1024x768.

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