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Re: DDC info refresh?

>>> have you looked at xrandr?
>> [T]hat does the trick nicely.
> But does xrandr even work when the video timing info isn't coming
> from DDC?

I was slightly imprecise.

I don't care what resolution it's running at when there's no monitor

However, I do care what it's running at when there's a monitor
connected but the cable is missing the DDC-info-carrying pins; that's
already caused trouble in the field in at least a few cases.  In
practice that probably amounts to the same thing....

I may have to add a -ddc-force option, akin to the -ddc-fallback option
I added to the 5.2 X server.  I'm not sure, though; the xrandr manpage
makes it look as though I can get something functionally similar by
combining (the APIs behind) --newmode, --addmode, and --mode.

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