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Re: Building legacy DRM drivers on -current, and the fallout

>> error: case label does not reduce to an integer constant
>>    case R128_PM4_64BM_64VCBM_64INDBM:
>>    ^~~~

>> error: case label does not reduce to an integer constant
>>    case R128_PM4_64PIO_64VCPIO_64INDPIO:
>>    ^~~~

> >r128_cce.c:         (init->cce_mode != R128_PM4_64BM_64VCBM_64INDBM)) {
> >r128_cce.c:     case R128_PM4_64BM_64VCBM_64INDBM:
> >r128_cce.c:     case R128_PM4_64PIO_64VCPIO_64INDPIO:
> >r128_drv.h:#    define R128_PM4_64BM_64VCBM_64INDBM     (8  << 28)
> >r128_drv.h:#    define R128_PM4_64PIO_64VCPIO_64INDPIO  (15 << 28)

>> -- These look constant to me, and of integer type, [...]

> Perhaps it needs ULL?

Maybe, but I'd expect that to draw a complaint about the size of the
value, not about the type of it.  (8 << 28) with 32-bit ints formally
produces undefined behaviour (6.5.7 #4), it's true, but I can't see
anything else wrong with it, and gcc doesn't normally produce errors
that misleading in response to nothing worse than formally undefined
behaviour with a reasonable/expected interpretation.

As for ULL, even making it 8U and 15U would fix that aspect of it; you
don't need ULL.

Personally, I'd take a closer look at r128_drv.h to see if those
#defines are conditional; I'd also build with -E or -save-temps or some
such to look at the preprocessor output - I think the theory that those
symbols aren't expanding to what you expect is worth at least a brief


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