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Re: Default wm on x server

On Fri 20 Jul 2018 at 14:53:51 +0100, Echedey López Romero wrote:
> I have seen this
> some hours
> ago.
> I have thought install NetBSD on a home computer and i would like know
> if twm is the default wm on the x server installation or it was
> changed with this project.

No, twm is still default, but ctwm is available in base (and very

There seems (still) to be a bug if you install a fresh system, add a
user, enable xdm, and log in with the fresh user. You don't get the
default set of xterms in that case. It seems this can be fixed if you
add an .xsession file with stuff of your own, but for a first-time user
this is of course not obvious.

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