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-current with radeondrm fails on HP DL360 G5 and DL320 G6


 I tested today's -current on HP DL360 G5 and DL320 G6. This machines
have the same video chip:

001:03:0: ATI Technologies ES1000 (VGA display, revision 0x02)

And, while attaching radeondrm, it stopped with black screen.

The console output is like this:

> drm: Initializing kernel modesetting (RV100 0x1002:0x515E 0x103C:0x31FB)
> drm: register mmio base: 0xfb9f0000
> drm: register mmio size: 65536
> radeon0: info: VRAM: 128M 0x00000000F0000000 - 0x000000000f7ffffff (64M used)
> radeon0: info: GTI: 512M 0x00000000D0000000 - 0x00000000EFFFFFFFF
> drm: Detected VRAM RAM=80M, BAR=128M
> drm: RAM width 16bits DDR
> Zone  kernel: Available graphics memory: 1608862 KiB
> drm: radeon: 64M of VRAM memory ready.
> drm: radeon: 512M of GTI memory ready.
> drm: GART: num cpu pages 131072, num gpu pages 131072
> drm: PCI GART of 512M enabled (table at 0x0000000044B4A000).
> radeon0: info: WB disabled
> radeon0: info: fence driver on ring 0 use gpu addr 0x00000000f0000000 and cpu addr 0x0xde266000
> drm: Supports vblank timestamp caching Rev 2 (21.10.2013).
> drm: Driver supports precise vblank timestamp query.
> radeon0: interrupting at ioapic0 pin 23 (radeon)
> drm: radeon: irq initialized.
> drm: Loading R100 Microcode

 For amd64, the screen becomes black. For i386, it continues as follows:

> drm: radeon: ring at 0x00000000D0001000
> DRM error in r100_ring_test: radeon: ring test failed (scratch(0x15E4)=0xCAFEDEAD)
> DRM error in r100_cp_init: radeon: cp isn't working (-22)
> radeon: error: failed initializing CP (-22)
> radeon: error: Disabling GPU acceleration

and then the screen becomes black.

I commented out the following two lines from GENERIC and the
kernel booted fine:

> radeon*         at pci? dev ? function ?
> radeondrmkmsfb* at radeonfbbus?

                SAITOH Masanobu (

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