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Re: DRM/KMS for Intel graphics

Am 30.01.2014 17:10, schrieb Taylor R Campbell:
Hi folks!  Sorry for the long delay in updates about DRM/KMS, but it's
time to report that it roughly works, if a little flakily, with a
slightly tweaked but current libdrm, xorg-server, xf86-video-intel,

If you want to build it and try it out, check out the riastradh-drm2
branch as of now and build the amd64/DRMKMS kernel.  (No other
platforms yet, although i386 might work too.)  You will probably want
a serial console when you test it.  Textual wscons should work.  If
you have some spare time, you could also try a building a current X
server and libraries with the attached patches.  twm seems to work
fine for me; x11perf fairly quickly wedges the GPU and/or driver, but
the X server can be restarted without trouble after that.

The next steps will be:

1. Update all the userland components in xsrc and pkgsrc.
2. Update kernel drm again -- which should be much less painful now.
3. Port the non-Intel drivers, particularly radeon and nouveau.

Let me know if you have any questions!
Thank you!
I will give it a try!


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