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Re: Protocol wskbd vs. Protocol standard


on Tuesday 30 July 2013 12:45:48 Izumi Tsutsui wrote:
> macallan@ wrote:
> > on Monday 29 July 2013 13:19:17 Izumi Tsutsui wrote:
> > > macallan@ wrote:
> > > > For some of them there are translation maps in the xf86-input-kbd
> > > > driver so no such workarounds should be necessary in most cases (
> > > > mostly ADB and Sun keyboards that is ).
> > >
> > > Well, it depends on the definition of "most cases."
> >
> > I'm going by mine of course ;)
> > ( sorry I got you wrong )
> No problem, probably we should split Tier-II ports into Major/Minor...

We should do it the day we don't have anything other to do ;)

> > > I meant hp300, luna68k, newsmips, ews4800mips, ...
> > > (I have not tried /usr/X11R7/lib/X11/xkb/keymap/sony for newsmips
> > > though)
> >
> > Yeah, I didn't think of those but macppc, sparc, sparc64 etc.
> Note sparc64 is still Tier-I :-)

True, but in this context it's more or less equivalent to sparc ( the 
keyboard/mouse hardware is shared between oldish sparc64 and later sparc, and 
recent sparc64 hardware uses USB )

> > > mkbd(4) on dreamcast has the similar map to USB but they are
> > > not quite identical, so some keys ('\' etc) are not usable.
> >
> > That shouldn't be too hard to fix, or am I missing something?
> There is no technical difficulties, but it's a bit boring
> to implement translation tables and requires a certain motivations..

Yeah, I did the adbkbd bit mostly so I could use a USB number pad on a macppc 
laptop in X without fiddling with xorg.conf

> Anyway we need a consensus of our design goal, and
> I also wonder if we can generate translation maps automatically
> (or prepare maps dynamically at runtime) by WSKBDIO_GETMAP ioctl.

I was wondering that myself, in theory we should be able to generate native to 
USB translation maps from the native maps in the drivers in question and 
ukbd. In real life I found it less cumbersome to just write the ADB->USB 
table by hand.

> The old XFree Xhpc server (for hpcmips/hpcarm/hpcsh) seems to
> have some piece of code to "generate keymap on the fly"
> but I'm not sure if we can still use this strategy on modern Xorg
> servers.

Hmm, it should be possible to generate X11 keymaps from kernel keymaps.

have fun

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