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Re: multiple heads as multiple screens?

>> If I run the server with +xinerama, it dies "Fatal server error:" [...]
> The Xinerama extension is deprecated, its functionality is provided
> by the RandR extension instead.

Maybe that's the official line, but it does not appear to actually be
the case.  In particular, I have been unable to find RandR settings
that provide the semantics of -xinerama, of each head being a separate
screen.  Have I just missed something?

> xrandr should work,

xrandr works, in that it operates as it's designed to.  It does not
work, in that it cannot give what I want.  As far as I can tell.

> but depending on your hardware (and sometimes, on Xorg's
> configuration, like "VirtualSize")

What's that?  It does not appear in xorg.conf(5) as far as I can see.
find | xargs grep in /usr/xsrc makes me think it does not exist in
5.2's X; there are hits, but they are internal function names.

Given the name, I suspect it will, at most, save me from having to hack
on xf86Crtc.c to get a screen that can hold the two monitors I have
been testing with (the built-in 1920x1200 and an external 1920x1080).

> Best of my knowledge, old laptops (before Sandy Bridge) only support
> a maximum of two heads active at any one time.  We do not support
> much of Sandy Bridge at the moment (in terms of graphics at least).

Two heads would be enough to help greatly - if they were separate

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