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Re: pink rectangles where text should be

Thomas Klausner wrote:
>Since news/pan suddenly stopped working, I've switched to
>wip/pan2-git, the current development version of the program.
>This works fine, except in all the text in the list of articles or
>article bodies is replaced by pink rectangles.
>When I select the text, the reverse text is shown correctly. So that's
>a workaround.
>Does anyone have an idea why that could happen?

That sounds similar to a problem we saw last year that was caused by a
broken interaction between cairo and the radeon x11 driver.

Do you see any similar effects when running firefox ?

As a data point, I'm running pan from pkgsrc on 6.99.21/amd64 without
any problems. I haven't done a complete pkgsrc build but most things
are up to date.

Robert Swindells

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