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Re: DRM with KMS/GEM

>>> in a private Git mirror of NetBSD's CVS repository,
>> Out of curiosity, why don't you develop in our CVS repository?
> I echo the question.

I can't speak for anyone else.  But I would probably do the same if I
were doing something of similar magnitude.  My answer to the question
would be that git is so much more usable than CVS that it would more
than make up for extracting the diffs from the resulting git repo and
patching-and-committing them back into CVS when I'm done.  Even though
I don't have any automated tool for that.  (If I were to do it a lot,
or expected to, I might put together something non-perl-dependent along
the lines of git-cvsexportcommit, but even without that I stand by what
I just wrote.)

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