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NetBSD 6.0_BETA - Running Xorg causes a reboot


I installed a NetBSD 6.0_BETA from an iso with a fine CKSUM, selecting all sets 
to go.
After finishing the setup and rebooting the PC, I logged in as root and just 
tryed to run the X11.
Unfortunatelly the system seems to crash, because the screen simple blanks and 
the PC reboots, doing POST as well.

When I execute `X -configure`, a message says: "Number of created screens does 
not match number of detected devices.".
Verifying the "" file, I can see that the driver was detected with 
success, in my case the "radeon" driver.
And the crash occurs  executing `X -config`, even if the 
configuration file looks well set - I supose.

What I'm doing wrong?
Should I install more packages instead of using just the X11 sets from the 

I just have an idea: I will remove the video card and try the onboard one! =)

Phillip Spring.

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