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Re: ATI Mobility Radeon support under NetBSD

Does anyone know whether X on NetBSD (5.1) will support an ATI Mobility
Radeon HD5470 running on a laptop? Can't try before I buy so it would be
great to have some sort of feeling as to whether I can run NetBSD on it.
it works, but not very well.  you'll have semi-OK 2D performance but
no Xvideo and no 3D, and some other things may seem slow, too, like
xterm scrolling.

part of the problem is that we don't have a full port of the radeondrm
code for the hd 5xxx series.  the other part is that xf86-video-ati
also is missing some code to use this drm code we don't have yet...

Thanks a lot for the quick reply. So if I am looking for decent 2-D performance 
on a laptop do you have any suggestions - how about the HD4xxx series? Or would 
it be better to look for one with an Intel or nVidia chipset?


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