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re: Xorg keymap and wskbd keymap

> > > Or simply we should handle it in xkbcomp symbol files as hpcarm W- 
> > > ZERO3?
> > > (I don't know how files in external/mit/xkeyboard-config/dist/symbols
> > > should be declared though)
> > 
> > Didn't the xorg people declare xkb deprecated a while ago?
> Probably I miss something (xkeyboard-config is not relevant to xkb?),
> but Xorg server on hpcarm W-ZERO3 works with keymap files put in
> xsrc/external/mit/xkeyboard-config/dist/symbols/sharp_vndr/ws0??sh
> without keymaps in bsd_KbdMap.c.

AFAIK, XKB is still alive and kicking, and xkeyboard-config is where
the data files are mainatined today.


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